How to Attach a Stampede String or Chin Strap to a Hat

Easy way to Attach a Stampede String

I’m going to teach you how to attach a stampede string into a hat.

Step 1 – Cotter Pin

Connect a stampede string to a hat



Grab the needle, known as a cotter pin.
Wiggle the cotter pin between the stitching of the sweatband.
Wiggle it, wiggle it wiggle it, right through the stitching,
and it comes out the other side.


Step 2 – Pull Down

Secure a chin strap with cotter pin Stampede Sting

Then you’ll grab the two sides of the cotter pin down.

Once the cotter pin is bent down on each side; the stampede string will be connected to your cowboy hat or fishing hat and is secure.



Step 3 – Enjoy the Outdoors with your Stampede Sting

Now the only thing you need to do is go fishing or horseback riding!

Simply enjoy.


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